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Milani Liquif’ Eye = Affordable Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

You know that NAKED Urban Decay eye shadow palette that everyone is raving about; well I was in a wedding that had a beachy theme so I bought it! After months of lusting after it I totally pounced and I was the proud new owner of the NAKED palette!

The palette is gorgeous, but the problem was I read the review and description of the palette when it first came out. When the NAKED palette first came out it came with an Urban Decay (UD) liner pencil — half black/half brown. Fast-forward almost a year after the NAKED palette first came out, and the liner pencil was replaced with a brush. Good luck finding a use for this brush, I sure haven’t found it useful yet. This lack of a pencil left me with a hole in my heart and in my makeup stash. I was in desperate need of brown eyeliner, but the thought of plopping down another $18 for the UD Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon, made me want to wretch. I just wasn’t in the money-spending mood!

Anyone who has used multiple brands of eyeliner knows that all eyeliners are not created equal. Instead you have some that go on like a dream, and others that were likely created by Crayola as colored drawing pencils and unfortunately mislabeled. I was in the middle of a horrendous Crayola experience with some eyeliner from Cargo. When I was making trails in Target and the closest brand to the aisle was Milani. But they had a brown eyeliner, I needed a brown eyeliner, we were a match made in Target’s cosmetic section heaven.

…And what a match it has been! The Milani Liquif’ Eye eyeliner is AMAZINGNESS!!! If they wouldn’t get sued by UD for using “24/7 and Glide-On” in the name of this eyeliner instead of calling it Liquif Eye or Liquif’ Eye or whatever, I would totally recommend doing it! For the bargain price of $5.50 this liner does exactly that…it lasts 24/7 and it Glides-on! For people who love smudging, you can smudge this liner, there is just a limited window for smudging, because once it sets it stays on beautifully even when it is worn with shimmery highly pigmented shadows! Another thing that I loved and hadn’t even noticed about the Cargo liners until I finished with them was that because they were so hard and I had to work so hard to actually get a decent line with them I usually ended up with big chunks or the sharpened tip breaking off, so I wasting more than I was using! Totally not the case with the Liquif’ Eye, smooth, lovely line with practically no effort!

Okay I am raving, or about as close to raving as I get! If you are like me and you need a brown and/or black eyeliner because you got the stupid brush with the UD NAKED palette and find yourself reticent to make the $36 UD purchase, or you just need a great eyeliner checkout Milani’s Liquif’ Eye the next time you are in the drugstore or Target! It’s a great substitute at a great price point…I LOVE IT!!! Oh and here is a link so you can check out the brand and the other colors they have!

Oooh, and I also got the Aqua pencil as well, and it looks muy, MUY bueno with Coppering eye shadow from MAC! Plus the gold liner goes really well with a couple of colors in the UD NAKED Palette!


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