Keurig Grove Square Hot Chocolate K-Cups, No Bueno!

I am a sucker for a deal, and these Grove Square Hot Chocolate K-Cups were for sale, so I bought a pack of two.  Today, I popped one K-Cup into the Keurig brewer, a few seconds later I had my hot chocolate all ready to go.  To make it extra delicious I added some milk.  Hot chocolate…cold weather…match made in heaven!  One sip later and what I tasted seemed like a match made in a chemistry lab! 

These Grove Square K-Cups are NASTY!  The pure yuckyness of them cannot be fully captured in this blog.  The most horrifying part was that overall they have pretty decent reviews!  There was this overpowering sweet taste which I think was from the sucralose used in the K-Cups.  They were just mind blowingly bad.  Never one to quit before something becomes a more expensive bigger mess I added more milk in a vain hope that would fix something.  WRONG.  Then I threw a good beverage after a bad one, I mixed in some French Vanilla brewed coffee, hoping this would help the situation, it did not!  The coffee was now tainted by the oversweet chocolate grossness in my cup.  Now there was more than twice the original amount of the stuff in my cup, and it was still way too sweet.

At this point I have French vanilla coffee, Grove Square Hot Chocolate (the offender), and milk in my cup.  Obviously ice was the next additive, five cubes of ice that quickly melted were stirred in.  It was like wine tasting, sip, SPIT!!!  SPIT.  There really was no fixing that stuff and to make matters worse I was worried it was so evil it would take on a life of its own and start multiplying by itself! 

Now, almost 8 hours after I first tasted the Little K-Cup of Horrors, I have had dinner, a snack, multiple cups of water, I have brushed my teeth and still feel like the taste is in my mouth!  Is that normal?!  I feel like my taste buds have been tainted!  Keurig, stop licensing out your K-Cup name willy nilly, these people need to have their hot chocolates pass taste tests!  Down with K-Cup hot chocolates that spit on the good name of hot liquid chocolate!

  1. #1 by Lance on December 28, 2012 - 4:10 am

    No, you aren’t the only one to think these taste awful. I bought the big variety mix and now I’m stuck with something I rather think is poison. Sucking on pool water wouldn’t taste this chemically.

    • #2 by kbirdy on December 28, 2012 - 4:17 am

      I am so glad someone else finally agrees with me on these! I gave them to a friend with a warning about what they were about to taste and they LOVED them, I was dumbfounded! Apparently they were used to drinking pool water or dishwater or something nasty!

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