One Year of CrossFit

I just looked at a calendar and today is the one year anniversary of my first day at CrossFit…and wow do I hate it as much as the day I started.  I hate running, I hate losing my breath, I hate lifting things, I hate jump roping, I hate pull-ups, I hate rowing, I hate workout gloves, I hate squats, I hate wall balls, I hate that I know what WOD means, likewise, I hate that I know what AMRAP, EMOM, and SDLHP means.  Tabata sucks, cash-ins are the worst, cash-outs are just torture, and as far as I am concerned humans aren’t meant to do push-ups.

Twelve months after I started I will not be posting a motivational video or pictures about my slamming body and stellar results.  I still cannot do anything that is RX, in fact in one year I have only “RX’d” one WOD.  When the clock counts down from 10 to 1 and the buzzer sounds, I can only hang with the rest of the class for about 20 seconds.  After that I am behind them, and I almost always one of the last to finish, with the lightest weight. 


Somehow, somewhere along the way I convince myself that working out would be like the workout montages you see in movies.  The heroine sucks at first and then she keeps working and rocks it at the end…nope, I am still a tragedy at most things CrossFit.  As a matter of fact if I had to pick a workout montage from a movie to depict my workout life it would be Bridget Jones’, most specifically the moment when she falls down after getting off the stationary bike. 

But the fact is that unlike everything else I have tried over the in the past, I have consistently gone to CrossFit for one year.  One whole year.  So as much as I hate them I will quote a “fitspiration” message I saw online:


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