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INTJ Humor

I recently took the Myers Briggs personality test, and I got INTJ as a my result, according to what I have read, I am not happy about this! But the one thing that is totally true, is “INTJ’s tend to have a quirky sense of humor”…MUY TRUE! Here is an example of what I find HILARIOUSLY funny! 🙂

According to a friend “It is nice to know you aren’t letting the cotton candy push you around. You’re being firm, but fair.”

A Day in The Life of My Cotton Candy, A Story. My Cotton Candy in the car on the way to work, it's not human and so not violating any State of Federal Laws by not wearing a safety belt. No Cotton Candy was harmed during the making of this photo documentary...:)

The Cotton Candy stole my chair at my desk!

The Cotton Candy trying to hack into my computer!

The Cotton Candy being punished for trying to hack into my computer by being thrown into a supply closet with the door closed for 5 hours!

The Cotton Candy was allowed out of the closet to check out my new boots from Nordstrom!

The Cotton Candy being good and sitting and waiting for me to finish my work before we left.


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